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Car Care Tips for Winter

Winter can be nasty… Here are some Car Care Tips to get you through it

Here are a few Car Care Tips tips and steps on things you can do to prevent your paintwork and surfaces from becoming damaged by the salt and increased road grime kicked up from the wintery roads…

Protect the paintwork

Giving your car a layer of protection will give you a better barrier between the paintwork and the elements. Salt and water spotting car leave terrible stains on the lacquer of your car which can dull the finish and prematurely age the look of your car. A few of Huntsmiths top picks are as follows… Decontaminating the paintwork first is an essential step to make sure that your protection option adheres to the paintwork properly.

AM Details Clay Bar

This is a Huntsmiths favourite for the detailing of all of our clients vehicles. Its fine enough that it doesn’t cause marring to the paintwork but strong enough to pull off tar deposits and engrained iron. They can also be used with water, rather than expensive clay lubricants or quick detailers.

AM Clay Bar

Collinite Wax

An affordable high grade Carnauba wax that has been a popular choice for detailers both enthusiast and professional for years.

Collinite Super Double Coat Wax

Gyeon Wet/Can Coat

These Si02 based coatings are a good option due to its ease of application and its long lasting hydrophobic properties.

Gyeon Wet Coat

Gyeon Can Coat

Sonax Extreme Brilliant Shine Detail Spray

This is a Detail spray that has Carnauba properties and leaves a layer of protection behind that can last around 6 weeks upwards! Ease of application makes this a great addition to any Wax or sealant.

Sonax Extreme Brilliant Shine

Deep Clean your wheel arches and apply a dressing.

A good thorough degrease of the arches and applying an undercarriage dressing will keep all of your suspension, pipes and nuts and bolts protected from further corrosion and/or staining.

It is always best to remove the wheels to allow access to all of the deeper sections of the wheel arches.

We use Chemical Guys Bare Bones

Apply a Glass Coating!

Glass coatings massively aid visibility in poor weather. Their hydrophobic properties allow the water to bead straight off the glass rather than sheet out – impairing your vision. They aid wiper behaviour and allow cleaning to leave perfectly clean glass every time. No body likes streaky glass!

Our favourite is Gyeon View

Seal your wheels

In our experience the only wheel sealant worth applying is a long lasting ceramic coating. To apply these, it may be easier and more efficient to get your local detailer to do it, however with the correct technique it can be done at home. Make sure the wheels are free from contamination before applying. This will mean cleaning, claying and potentially polishing them (depending on the finish and damage engrained in them.

Our favourite is either Carbon Collective Platinum Wheels or Gyeon Rim

Or, book in with us for a Protection Detail!

We offer all of the above services to our customers as a package or even as individual items where possible.

Top 5 Car Detailing Products we love and use!

Here is a run through of our Top 10 Car Detailing products – we use these on our clients cars aswell as our own!

Car Detailing products that we use here at Huntsmiths on our own cars and our customers vehicles!

Number 10 – Britemax Easy Cut Metal Polish

We use this for all heavy duty polishing of Metal and brightwork. Its watery properties allows use to get it into tight to reach places and also means it doesnt clog up applicators. Great for Exhausts that have built up carbon on them!

Autoglym Glass Cleaner or “Fast Glass”

A long standing favourite that has always had its place in our arsenal.

Carpro PERL – Trim, Engine Bay and Tyre Dressing

Versatile enough for use everywhere and quite possible the best Tyre dressing when used neat.

Sonax Perfect Finish – Finishing Polish

A very robust product that offers amazing finishing results even on tougher paints. We use this on our Paint Correction services


Bilthamber Surfex HD

A fantastic multi purpose cleaner. Used for tasks such as engine degreasing, Arch cleaning, Tyre cleaning and even interior tasks.


WHO should I get to detail my car?!

Car Detailing Northamptonshire – Huntsmiths Detailing

So you have decided to get your car detailed, or you are at least interested in the idea (I’d assume thats why you are reading this!)

First things first, alot of people will look for recommendations. I am sure everyone knows someone who always has their cars detailed. So, if possible, that is always a great way to get yourself in to a great detailer. As not only are they tried and tested by someone you know (and trust?) but the said detailer will be extremely appreciative of the recommendation and even more so inclined to go that extra mile.

Failing that, you google. Google is the best way to find local traders that are proficient in the product or service you are looking for.

This is where it gets tricky. As with alot of trades, the market is somewhat saturated. This firm wants £200, this one wants £1500, why is one more than the other? This detailer will “detail” my car on the drive and also machine polish (“correct”) and ceramic coat it. The other guy will do it over a 5 day period in an indoor unit… WHICH ONE DO I WANT?


You get what you pay for… The detailer offering their services for £200 and done in a day is not the same level of job as the detailer spending a week on your car and charging £1500.

This is not to say that neither are for you. Option 1 has its place in the market and so does Option 2. You just have to ask yourself, what are you comfortable spending and what level of work do you want carried out?

Option 1 will be a quick, O.K to reasonable service but can’t possibly deliver the same result. The car will be “shiny” and any protection applied in this environment will last around 6-12 months at absolute most. No true correction can be achieved in a day by 1 person.

Option 2 is what we at Huntsmiths would define a Detail. The wash and decontamination can take between 4-8 hours just to prepare the vehicle properly. To correct a panel (door, wing, bonnet) takes around 1.5-3 hours (more time for bonnets and the roof) so across an average of 12 panels you are looking at almost 20 hours of polishing and correction.

Coating applications are then carried out and need to be carried out in a very controlled manner. No dust, no polishing oils left behind, no moisture from condensation or trapped water from the washing stage, brand new cloths and applicators. A true Ceramic Coating takes around 1-2 hours per layer to apply and most are multiple layer products.

The finer details can take anywhere up to an extra day. Dressing trims, cleaning glass properly inside and out, polishing exhaust tips, polishing bright work such as trims or grills. Removing grime from areas such as panel gaps, final inspections, the list goes on…


What you should take away from this is that the word “detailing” in this form and context takes different definitions. What we define a detail is not what some other firms do. So please make sure you know exactly what it is that you are paying for. Visit the detailer, look through their portfolio, ask them to go over the process with you, we love to talk about cars so wont ever feel unwilling to talk about what we like to do! We will be the first to say that we are not the cheapest. there are always cheaper deals however, you will not get what we offer from another firm charging a third of our price. We are fair and not greedy, we are dedicated to doing a high standard of work and not rushing it. As the saying goes, by cheap, buy twice…



Ceramic Coating or Wax?

It’s a question we get asked alot… Which is better?

Car Detailing, Oxfordshire, Northamptonshire

Well, first of all let us tell you what each are…

A Ceramic, Glass or Nano coating is a hard, durable, inorganic coating applied to the paintwork of a vehicle to create a strong barrier against the elements and everything the skies and roads have to throw at your car.

A Wax be it Polymer or Carnauba is an organic coating created from Natural waxes, mixed with fillers and silicons to give your car some protection from the weather and to give it a really nice shine…

So, lets break this down into the 4 cornerstones of applying protection to an automobile…

Number 1, Durability…

How long does it last? and how do I keep doing its job?

Let’s take Gyeon Duraflex for example. Duraflex comes with a 5 year warranty and is a 2 layer Ceramic Coating. This means that one layer is applied (known as the base coat) and then a second layer is applied (called the top coat). The function of both these layers is to give you a tough durable base layer with a hydrophobic self cleaning top later to make maitnanence easy.

A Wax, for example Swissvax Shield, will give you 6 months durability. You can put as many layers as you want on the car but ultimately it will diminish much faster than a Ceramic coating due to it being an organic based product. A harsh wash or poor maintenance would see it last much less time than 6 months. The longest last wax out there would probably be something like Swissvax Crystal Rock which even still is only rated for 12 months (and costs £900 a pot!)

Repellency, Self cleaning, Hydrophobic properties…

This is the big one. This determines how much of what you drive through is actually going to stick to the car. This is why we protect cars, to stop the build up of contamination bonding to the paintwork and making the car dirty and unsightly.

A Wax will sit on the paintwork at a “contact angle” of around 40-50 degrees.

A Ceramic coating generally sits on the paintwork as a contact angle of 110< degrees (depending on what one you chose)

So, in theory a Ceramic coating actually repels at twice the angle of a regular wax.

Clarity and Gloss

Any form of protection is also the finish touch to any detail to give it that extra mile of shine. Wax or Ceramic coating, it gives the paintwork a bit more depth and shine which is the reason we are all here!

A wax (depending on which one) typically is full of fillers and polymers to artificially make the paintwork shine. It can hide oxidation and swirls to a certain extent in order to make the paintwork appear shinier.

A ceramic coating is optically clear, which means there is no hiding. If the paintwork is not in top condition underneath the coating, it will appear the same under a coating. We would only ever apply a Ceramic Coating to a car that has had its paintwork corrected as not only does this ensure the best possible finish, it actually prepares the surface for the coating itself to bond to the surface of the car.


the idea of protection is to make cleaning it and keeping it in top condition really really easy. Most abrasions and marks come from bad contact which can be from washing techniques or having to scrub the car clean because all the grime has bonded to the paintwork.

Once a car is Waxed or Coated, all you should need is a PH neutral Pure Shampoo to clean the car with. No special fancy Wash and Wax concoctions or heavy duty chemicals, just a good clean with the right methods and chemicals.

A ceramic coated car is far easier to maintain and will not require any reapplication. A waxed car will need the wax reapplying often to make sure that it is always protected.


Just a finishing note on application of both.

A wax can be applied by most people on their drive way relatively easily. It is a product more aimed towards the enthusiast who likes to get stuck in and give their cars a really good clean and protect.

A Ceramic Coating is a much more difficult and thorough process. It can not be applied outdoors. It can not be applied in direct sunlight under ANY circumstances. It can not be applied quickly and easily. Anyone claiming to do so is not applying a hige quality product in the proper environment. At Huntsmiths, application of Gyeon Duraflex takes between 2-5 hours and is done indoors in a controlled well lit studio to ensure the highest standard is met.



Paint Correction…

What is “Paint Correction”? And why do I need my paint corrected?


Paint correction as a definition should come down to this. The removal of unsightly defects, abrasions, marks and blemishes to the paintwork in order to leave a better than new finish. (even new cars don’t roll out of the factory perfect).

Have you ever looked at a car when its wet and thought “wow, that’s how i want my paint to look all the time!” Or have you ever seen someones car that might even be 10 years old and thought, jeez that looks good. How come theirs looks so much better than mine?

Abrasions, defects, marks and the likes of these score the paint and leave it uneven. It craters and pits the finish. When cars have these kinds of marks they usually come along with haziness and marring which is not always abundantly obvious to the unkeen eye. And when water is covering the car its actually filling in all of these craters and pits and dips in the paintwork and effectively making it appear level.

These kinds of marks and defects result in the car looking dull and worn out. When light hits your car, the light should reflect and bounce off the paintwork giving it that wet and brand new look. It should look like the paint is liquid. Modern paintjobs with metallic basecoats and rich colours have alot of depth and richness. This is what really shows off the car, gives it that WOW factor. Thats what you really want from your pride and joy, right?

Well, thats what we aim to achieve with a paint correction. The methods we use in machine polishing and correction work is effectively to relevel the paint so that it does exactly that. It allows the light to bounce off and make the colour pop rather than light being refracted and absorbed in.

To achieve a full correction, it really is a labour of love. It can take multiple stages of polishing with different machines, polishes, polishing pads, chemicals, lighting, skills and the list just goes on. All cars are unique in that they have all had a different life. Different paint reacts differently to the last as no manufacturer uses the exact same lacquers and colours to paint their cars. If cars have had work done at bodyshops, we would have to constantly adapt to the way that the paintwork responds to the work that we are carrying out. Some vehicles can take 2-3 days, some can take 2-3 weeks.

Each of our jobs are carried out in a bespoke manor in that we would always carry out a full consultation of the vehicle before working on it. We assess damage, condition and paint depths to ensure that we can achieve a high level of work without compromising the amount of paint on the vehicle whilst also keeping your own personal results and budgets in mind.



Find out more by getting in touch with us or by checking out our portfolio!


Huntsmiths Detailing

Paint Correction and Protection specialists based in Brackley, Northamptonshire.

Near Silverstone Race Circuit.


Porsche Cayman GT4

Porsche Cayman GT4 – Huntsmiths Detail

Cayman GT4 – Car Detailing, Ceramic Coatings, Northamptonshire

Cayman GT4 Paint Correction and Gyeon Duraflex. Northamptonshire.

This Porsche Cayman GT4 Detail came to us for our signature service. The Huntsmiths Detail.

The Huntsmiths Detail is our top tier package which consists of chasing absolute perfection within a 5-7 day period. This includes carrying out major paint correction, chasing every last defect out of the paintwork while not compromising the clearcoat, engine bay detailing, wheel removal and undercarriage detailing, major interior works including carpets shampooing and leather cleansing.

Once this is done, we then load the vehicle up with the very best in automotive paint protection using the GYEON range of products. For this particular service we used GYEON Duraflex – 5 Year Warranted Paint Protection Service restricted to Certified Detailers only. We also applied GYEON Rim,Trim and View to the exterior of the vehicle. We then coated the interior with Fabric Coat and Leather Shield.


If you are interested in a similar service, please get in touch and ask us for more information!


Here are a few images of the Detail carried out…


Audi R8

Audi R8 – Huntsmiths Detail


This Audi R8 V10 came in for our signature detail – The Huntsmiths Detail.


This includes a week long booking covering as much of the car as we can. This would include things such as


The R8 was in a bit of a sorry state, having not been cared for too much by previous owners so we had alot of room for major improvement. It had the usual sanding marks here and there, bad contact marks from poor washing techniques and the usual dealer attempt at “mopping” the paintwork


Once the paintwork and all areas were polished and improved, we then move on to the total surface protection package from Gtechinq which includes:

Final step is to go over and carry out our final inspection making sure all areas are at the highest standard


Anyway, enough of all of the reading, on to the photos!



January yields expansion!

An update from Huntsmiths Detailing

Hello all!

We trust that your Christmas was smashing and you are looking forward to your New Years plans…

A quick update on where we have been he past few weeks. We’ve not had much time to get some posts up on the website so the aim is to be working through a bit of a backlog in early January.

Our big project over the past couple of months is nearing completion and we will be able to reveal all to you in the coming weeks. We are now applying the finishing touches to get everything ready for show.

One of our plans for January is to roll out our own vlogs (video blog). Getting the hang of capturing everything for you guys to see and also getting to grips with the editing software is the aim over the next few weeks.

We will also be adding a few new services to our menu. This has come as the result of feedback from many of our clients so far as we strive to give you everything you need under one roof. Some of these new services will include – Full Wheel Refurbishment and customisation, Tyre fitting and wheel balancing, MOTs, and a few more to be named. These services will be available to all customers enjoying a full detail by ourselves as accompanying add ons.

Here are some of the products we plan to take on and offer as part of our protection plans!

Kamikaze Collection




Having heard some gleaming reviews we can’t wait to get these in and start offering them to our customers! I have had a few customers that are booked in with us in January/February that will be receiving these products as their upgraded protection!


Carbon Collective



We have tried Cabon collectives products in the past and they have always impressed. These will also be available as protection upgrades to all of our full detail range!


Audi RS4

Audi RS4 Enhancement Detail

An Audi RS4 Enhancement Detail. This Audi RS4 came to us for a Level 1 Enhancement Detail as the owner felt it was time to give her a new lease of life. It was covered in your usual swirling and scratching found on a 70k mile car. After investigating the paint after a full wash and decontamination, we decided the upward facing panels – the boot, roof and bonnet all required a heavy cut as a single stage would have left a fair few marks and scars still in the finish. With black cars, they do suffer from being the more difficult to keep in good condition. However when black is right it looks mega! Definitely one of our favourite colours. Especially Audi black, just a pleasure to work on. We believe this is Black Sapphire. Here is a selection of pictures having finished the car with Swissvax Shield



BMW M2 New Car Detail

BMW M2 – New Car Detail. This was undertaken 140 miles into its life.

A full wash, decontamination and inspection was undertaken to ascertain what damage or areas would need the most work. Even though its a brand new car, it was still covered in adhesives from the protective films and a small amount of fallout from the manufacturing and transporting process. Luckily, the new owner let the dealership know that it was not to be touched too much by the dealership, no washes and to be very careful during its MPI.

So! The decontamination now completed and inspection showing only one trouble area, we go to work. A full machine polish with a finishing jewelling polish to give it that extra shine was carried out. A stunning colour like this really pops when its right! Then, a full degrease and second inspection to make sure everything is up to standards for Gtechniq Exo V2 to  be applied! The wheels were deep cleaned and prepped to allow C5 Wheel armour to be applied and all extrerior glasswork had a polish carried out to allow G1 ClearVision to be applied. Info on all of these products can be found at Gtechniq or alternatively on our Gtechniq Protection Services page


The best start to this future classics life! These really are special, not the most expensive BMW, nor the fastest. But, a seriously good looking drivers car. Also, check out those beautiful Carbon extras!



If any of these services are of interest to you, or you are expecting a new car, please don’t hesitate in contacting us for some advice or a quote!