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Toyota Yaris GR XPEL PPF & New Car Protection


This stunning Yaris GR came to us as a brand new 2021 car in need of protection against the open road from its first outing. With those prodtruding arches and hulky frame, it is asking for some B road dun. XPEL Ultimate Plus Paint protection film is the best and only protection for paintwork protecting it completely from stone chips, scratches and scuffs with its tough base, self healing properties and physical barrier between paintwork and the debris from the roads.



This is probably one of the best colours on this Yaris GR having a very strong pearl effect paint. These kinds of paints can be hard to match should paintwork be needed in the future. So keeping that factory finish damage free is paramount!



Our full New car detail process was carried out before the XPEL Ultimate Plus Paint Protection Film was installed. This involves a thorough decontamination of the vehicle that can occur during transport and storage of the vehicle post production. We then polish the paintwork thoroughly to bring the paintwork to its ultimate condition. Along with the XPEL PPF we also coated the vehicle with Modesta BC-05 to further protect the PPF. These coatings make the entire vehicle easier to maintain and much glossier. The wheels were removed and coated. This allows us to coat the wheels back to front and also the brake callipers.



Using state of the art pattern cutting technology we were able to provide a nearly invisible install on this stunning homologation.

This vehicle wearing XPEL Ultimate plus Paint Protection Film to the full car. It also leaves wearing Modesta BC-05 and ceramic coatings to the wheels and glass giving the ultimate paint protection solutions.


The XPEL PPF has a 10 year warranty against cracking, yellowing and lifting. The Modesta BC-05 coating for the bodywork boasts a 5-10 year durability with superior hydrophobic properties and long lasting gloss.


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