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How Car Detailing can keep your car looking new

Keeping your car in good condition is not has hard as it seems

How Car Detailing can keep your car looking new

The art of detailing is maintaining the aesthetics of yore vehicle by keep up the condition of the paintwork. What gives a car that “new look” is having rich, deep and glossy paintwork. This is not restricted to shiny new cars. In fact, we maintain and have returned cars as old as 30 years old to their former glory through the ways of paint correction.

Paintwork over time attracts everything the elements has to throw at it and for the most part, our cars are outside being rained on and the sun bouncing off them as well as all the other contaminants that are thrown at it on the roads.

Sunshine over time can dull a paint finish by inducing oxidation. This is similar to having dry dead skin on your hands and a good paint correction is the equivalent of exfoliating and moisturising your skin. It removes that dead, dull layer of lacquer and rejuvenates it back to its former glory. Giving your car a new look.

Contamination off the road can cause dullness and roughness. Things like road tar, iron from brake discs and industrial fallout all bond to the surfaces of our cars reducing the shine and sitting on the paintwork dulling it’s shine. removal of this can make a huge improvement on its own.

Our core details – The Enhancement Detail and The Minor Correction Detail fixes all of these things. Turning a 20 year old, 160k miles Audi RS4 into a car that looks like it just rolled out of production and Audi’s gates and a 25 year old Porsche 911 into Stuttgart’s latest release…

If correction is needed, we are happy to help and from that point on it is just a case of easy maintenance and the occasional decontamination which can be done at home or by ourselves on one of our maintenance plans.