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XPEL PPF is an optically clear tough Film applied to paintwork that is resistant to stonechips, debirs, and all manner of bad contact giving you a strong physical barrier between your paintwork and the road.

Huntsmiths Detailing is very proud to announce that we have made the decision to bring our Paint Protection Film services in house.

This of course means investing heavily in all of the training, affiliation and equipment costs of taking this into our own hands instead of having a 3rd party doing our XPEL PPF installations.

XPEL Paint Protection Film is the leading brand in the field of complete and total surface protection. If you are looking to protect your investment by retaining the original factory paintwork and protecting it from stone chips, road rash and debris on the roads then look no further.

Step One

The first big investment we made was in a state of the art Graphtec FC8600-160 Plotter for cutting all of our PPF patterns in house. This enables us to cut patterns with pin point precision and negates the need for cutting with a sharp blade on the car from a bulk piece of film. The plotter works with the XPEL DAP software and their extremely comprehensive catalogue of patterns for all cars, bikes and even boats.

Step Two

The second investment in order to be welcomed on to the XPEL repertoire of incredible installers is to invest in the factory training course and exam to show that we have what it takes to uphold XPEL’s high standards. This takes place at the XPEL UK HQ in Letchworth where we got to meet the team, work with the trainers and installers, sit with the directors of the business to discuss the XPEL brand and then to walk away with out certificate and of course a few rolls of PPF and XPEL merchandise

Step Three

Roll out to our customers. With a diary full of clients having various detailing treatments it was only right that we offer the option of XPEL PPF to add on some serious protection on top of making their vehicles picture perfect. The feedback was incredible. With most clients seeing the huge value to adding XPEL PPF we were overwhelmed with how successful the roll out went and how popular the product is with our client base.


If you are interested in having XPEL Paint Protection Film applied to your car then please do send us an email or give us a phone call and we would be happy to discuss options, pricing and availability with you.