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Paint Correction

Paint Correction

Paint Correction Northamptonshire

Paint Correction Northamptonshire

 Does your paintwork look dull and faded? Or does it not quite pop how you want it to? It may be possible to restore your paint finish to standard better than new. Bad washes, scratches and marks, holograms…. These are just some of the things standing in the way of the gloss and depth of your paintwork. The removal and restoration of paintwork through Correction is how we combat these problems. 

Paint correction can totally transform the look of your car without the need to spend thousands on a respray to revive dull and tired looking paint. The correction of paintwork is a timely and precise process and requires hours of compounding and polishing to restore the paintwork.

Using different machines such as the Rupes range and different polishing techniques it really is possible to restore paintwork (where possible) to a better than new finish.

It involves the removal of defects such as swirls, random deep scratches, oxidation, holograms and marring caused by bad contact and neglect.

A Paint correction is the only way to truly achieve a finish of a high standard – giving the car the look of being “wet”.

The removal of these defects effectively “levels” the paintwork to flatten out the finish. This allows the light to bounce off and reflect properly rather than refracting inwards and being absorbed by the panel – thus muting the finish. 

Minor Correction Detail – From £750

This Paint Correction detail dependent on size of the vehicle takes 3-4 days.

  • Wheel arches cleaned, degreased and flushed out with PH neutral degreaser,
  • Wheels cleaned and decontaminated with PH neutral cleaner, Iron Decontamination product, Tar Remover and finally the clay bar
  • Car Snow foamed with PH neutral Snow foam and all edges and door sills brushed clean (degreased if necessary)
  • Bodywork cleaned with a premium lambswool wash mitt using the 2 bucket method.
  • Tar, Iron and fallout chemically removed from paintwork to reduce the risk of friction when using the claybar.
  • Claybar is used over entire car to remove all remaining bonded on contaminants.
  • Car dried thoroughly with with warm forced air and plush microfiber drying towels to reduce the risk of more marks being put into the paintwork.
  • Multi-point paint inspection is carried out to assess any problem areas, thin/thick paint, possible smart repairs all before polishing. This is to make sure that we are aware of any potential low spots and/or easy to damage paintwork.
  • 2-3 stage Paint correction via machine polish with a Medium swirl removing polish and fine polishing pad to remove light swirling, fine scratches and take away oxidation, finished with a fine polishing pad and Ultra fine jewelling polish to give a glossy and deep finish. We look to achieve a 70%+ defect removal with this service.
  • A very thorough multi-point inspection done to make sure the highest standard is met
  • Protected with a wax or sealant to give a high gloss and protective barrier against the elements and to make washing easier (unless upgraded to a ceramic or film option)
  • All exterior trims and tyres dressed.
  • Glass cleaned and polished inside and out to remove the build up of road grime and to restore clarity.
  • Interior given a minor valet (unless otherwise upgraded)

Major Correction Detail – From £1200

This detail includes all of the stages included in the Minor Correction detail. Rather than the 2-3 stages of machine polishing, we are in fact taking whatever necessary steps needed to achieve a 90%+ defect removal Paint Correction. We will be incorporating multiple machine polishing stages along with (if necessary and safe to do so) set sanding to remove deeper marks and scratches left behind. This is as close to paint perfection as can be achieved.

This service is definitely something we would suggest if your vehicle has severe swirling and bad contact marks to the paintwork. It is quite an aggresive process which involves hours and days of polishing in all reachable areas to achieve as close to perfect as we can whilst still remaining safe and not risking the integrity of the paintwork.

The best thing to do when carrying out this level of service wether it is the Minor or Major paint correction detail is to  make sure some high grade protection is going on to the car to make sure that you are not wasting all of these hours put into achieving a finish of this level. Wether it is a Ceramic Coating or Paint Protection Film, it is absolutely paramount to protect it from the risk of bad wash or contact marks being reintroduced into the paintwork.

If you would like to find out more about our services, fill out our contact form or give us a call so that we can discuss a bit more about what you may be looking for from a Detail.

We offer a no fee Appraisal to all clients looking to learn a little bit more about their paintwork and what we can do for you with any of our details.


Take a look at this stunning Porsche 991 GTS that we recently had in for a Minor Correction Detail!




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