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Best Car Paint Protection

Best Car Paint Protection

Swirls, Scratches, oxidation, road tar, iron contamination, stone chips. They all contribute to bringing down the appearance of your car.

What is the best car paint protection for you?

Well, you need to ask yourself 3 questions.

1. How long am i going to keep the car/what do i want to spend?
2. Is it worth it?
3. What am i protecting it from?

And here are our answers to these questions.

1. How long am i going to keep the car?

The answer to this questions will help you determine how much protection you will need for the duration of your ownership as this will tie in with your budget
and which protection you choose.

Coatings have a life from 12 months all the way through to 10 years. If you are looking to have something applied by us, our coatings start with a 3 year warranty
and can be increased depending on your requirements.

Paint Protection Film by the likes of Xpel and Suntek tend to come with a 10 year warranty which protects you from yellowing or adhesive failure but not if
you blow it off with the pressure washer!

2. Is it worth it?

When you pick your car up and its shiny, new and looks brand new, that’s when we would all agree that your car is worth its most. This is (other than age/mileage)
based on its condition. By taking your car to have a New car treatment by a professional detailer you investing in the longevity of that condition.
Dealership applied protection usually is applied in a hurry by a 9-5 worker who has 20 cars to get through. You just don’t get the quality. With our New Car Detail
you on average (size and optional extras chose depending) a new car detail takes 3-5 day and often isn’t too much more than dealer quote prices as there is no
obscene mark up – you get what you pay for. To summarise, when the day comes to say goodbye to the car, its best that its in its absolute best condition
as this will dictate the value that you can place on it. Buying a car is a sensory experience and the way it looks and feels can make or break that experience.

3. What am I protecting it from?

Well, this is a subjective thing and also depends on the use you intend it for. Are you going to take it round the twisty B roads or are you going to do the daily shop in it?
Are you taking it out on the track or are you flying up and down the M1? This will determine your biggest foe on the roads. Stone chips? Road tar and salts? This will help you figure out the correct
level of protection necessary for your car. A long lasting hydrophobic coating from Modesta or Paint Protection Film from Suntek or Xpel?



Good protection allows the contamination and damage material such as mud, salt, dirt, tar and the rest of it to not damage the finish of your vehicle and allows you to clean your car with ease.


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