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So, what is car detailing?

What is Detailing?

Very often when we meet new clients we get this question… So, what is it?

Detailing involves thorough cleaning and reconditioning of both the interior and exterior of your vehicle. It is a festidious and methodical step by step process to restore your vehicle’s condition to a standard you would expect of a new car. Then, the most important of any detail is to then Protect its new found glory.

One of the corner stones of Auto Detailing is to carry out Paint Correction

Paint correction is to rectify, restore and improve the finish of the vehicles paintwork. Paintwork has a tough life, putting up with what the elements throws at it and dealing with all contact that it undergoes from washing. Over time and with improper techniques and weathering, the paint on a vehicle becomes dull, lifeless and will acquire marks, abrasions and defects which all in all will ruin the look of a car. With multiple machine polishing techniques and treatments, Paint correction looks to remove this and restore a finish to better than new.

The end goal of any of our Details is to apply some long lasting high quality Protection

With the latest innovative Ceramic and Glass coatings available, it really is a brilliant opportunity to have the best protection possible for your vehicle.Wax is now a thing of the past! An organic carnauba wax has a repellency angle of around 45 degrees. The lastest Ceramic coatings such as Gyeon Duraflex has a contact angle of over 110 degrees. This angle is extremely important as it determines the rate of which foreign objects and the elements make contact with the surface of the car. the greater the angle, the more repellency you get. This allows the car to almost clean itself! and with these coatings now able to last on a car for upwards of 5 years as opposed to a traditional wax lasting a matter of weeks, its a no brainer. The application is very methodical and done almost clinically and the end result leaves your vehicle with a shine that can not be matched!

Detailing also covers all aspects of returning a vehicle back to a standard it was in when leaving a factory. Wether it involves the deep cleaning and thorough extraction of an interior or the deep cleaning and degreasing of an engine bay. We also arrange for wheel refurbishment, paintless dent removal and window tinting to name but a few of our services. Take a look through our portfolio to have a look at some of the amazing cars we have had the pleasure of working on.

You can also give us a call! We would be more than happy to discuss your vehicle and what you would like from us to help you achieve your goals.