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Modesta Ceramic Coatings

Modesta Coatings


Modesta Coatings now available at Huntsmiths Detailing. Modesta are the most exclusive coating brand on the planet
and are well known within the industry to be the very best coating systems.

Modesta set a very high standard for the products and also for their installers. We have gratefully been selected to be a
part of the brand and be able to offer the very best to our clientele.

Modesta have formulated the best coatings available on the market today through vigorous testing and state of the art
manufacturing. A lot of “coatings” today are manufactured by 1 or 2 different pharma companies and relabeled with
various brands and offering average protection. Not Modesta, they manufacture their own coatings in house and do not create
any products for anyone else.

There are no tricks and marketing schemes with Modesta as they do not sell to the general public and they allow the products
to speak for themselves.

Modesta coatings have to be carefully and methodically applied and then cured on to the paintwork with Infrared heat

They form the functional layer of the surface of the car preventing scratches, swirls and staining from happening to the paintwork

Modesta coatings also form an extremely hydrophobic layer to repel away water and contamination from the paintwork

Here is a selection of Modesta Coatings for bodywork, wheels, glass and leather…


Modesta BC-08


Modesta BC-08 is the entry level protection which protects your vehicle for 3-5 years.

Traces of zirconium create great shine and luster on the paint while it’s three dimensional matrix ensures excellent water repellency and self cleaning.

The coating’s thick layer behaves as the functional structure of the car to shield and protect the finish of the vehicle from scratches and marring as well as the damaged that can be caused from the weather such as staining and oxidation


Modesta BC-04

Modesta BC-04 is a suit of armour. The hardest curing coating in the range offers the very best in scratch resistance. It has a beautiful lusture and has great water repellency. BC-04 boasts a protection lifespan of up to 10 years depending on your style of driving.

It is a Pure Liquid Glass coatings and boasts the highest quality nanograde titanium. This create deep shine, gloss and better paint reflection. BC-04 teamed with BC-05 is the flagship model offered from Modesta and gives unmatched levels of proteciton and shine.


Modesta BC-05


Modesta BC-05 is the best coating available in the line for water repellency and “beading”. Its highly hydrophobic properties give the surface of the car a complete self cleaning effect and makes the maintenance of the vehicle easy work. Also adding a candy like gloss to the paintwork it really makes paintwork stand out.

It forms a highly durable clear hard glass layer on automotive paints which defends against tar, sap, chemical staining, water spots, iron fall out, road salts and everything else you can throw at it.

BC-05 shares the same lifespan as BC-04. However when you combine the two together, there really is nothing standing in its way of making it to over the 10 year mark.


Modesta BC-06

Modesta’s answer to brake dust. BC-06 is resistant to high temperatures and is designed specifically for the high impact areas such as the underbody and wheels. IT has a lifespan of 3-10 years depending on use and makes the wheels and components easy to clean and protected from anything the roads can throw at it.


To find out more or to get a quote to have Modesta applied to your vehicle give please fill out our contact form or give us a call.