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New Car Detail & Protection

Give your New Car the best start in life

New Car Detail…

 A brand new car is a big investment and should be protected in whatever way is possible. We offer a range of different options for all budgets to make sure that your new pride and joy gets the best start in life.

You might think “its brand new! It doesn’t need detailing does it?”

Well, getting to a car when its brand new is the best chance you have of preserving that factory finish.

Our New Car Detail gives your vehicle the best start in life…

New cars come from the manufacturer to the dealership. Sometimes they come by plane, boat, truck, you name it. During transport they are subject to being moved around, gathering dust from containers, dirt from different climates, industrial fallout, the list goes on. During this time they are cleaned and washed at different points before reaching their final destination – the Dealership

Once cars have arrived at a dealership they are then inspected before being handed to the customer who has just spent a sizeable amount of money on a brand new car. And you would expect for this, immaculate paint and condition. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. During all of these points of travel and inspection, they are undoubtedly washed a handful of times. Where most would see this as a courtesy and a service that is hugely appreciated, it is usually highly detrimental to the finish of the vehicle due to poor washing techniques at dealerships. Most have a “valeter” or equivalent in employ, who’s job is to wash and dry several cars daily. Due to this, each car does not get the care and attention it should, the same sponge or wash mitt is used on several different cars, transferring dirt from one car’s wheels to another car’s bonnet causing swirl marks, marring, scratches and so on. Now, on a brand new car, that just isn’t on, is it?

A New car detail would see all of these issues rectified and aiming to get your car to a pristine example with a high gloss and ceramic coating.

Some of the steps we take include the following to ensure the highest standard is met for your vehicle.

A multiple stage safe wash to carefully remove all dirt and grime that may be present on the body and wheels of the car

A chemical decontamination stage to remove any and all bonded on contaminants from the paintwork such as Iron and Tar.

A claybar is then used to remove any remnants of the above contamination to make sure a perfectly clean surface is left behind before machine polishing begins.

An inspection of all bodywork to locate and pin point any areas that will need extra attention or that may require bodyshop intervention. Some vehicles have been known to have recieved bodywork before the owner recieves the car!

We then begin correction and enhancement of the paintwork removing any and all factory defects and also any marks it may have picked up along the way.

The vehicle is then thoroughly blown and wiped down with a degreasing agent to strip any remaining polishing oils to allow the Ceramic coating to adhere properly to the surface of the vehicle.

The ceramic coating of choice is now applied in small sections taking around half a day to apply before being left for 24 hours to fully cure.

Once the coatings have fully cured we then reassemble the car where necessary for example refitting wheels, grills, number plates and any other pieces of trim that we remove to allow full access during polishing and coating stages.

Depending on what optional extras that have been selected for the detail we would now look to apply all extra protective coatings that have been selected. We recommend protecting all surfaces such as the wheels, calipers, glass and all interior surfaces such as the leather, plastics and fabrics. It aids the maintenance

of the vehicle and makes everything a little bit easier to keep it in great condition.

The engine bay is dressed in a protective dressing to prevent staining or damage from the high temperatures.

The glass is thoroughly cleaned and polished inside and out (and a coating is applied if upgraded to include one)

The interior is also cleaned and tidied to make sure there are no “loose ends” left behind when presenting the vehicle back to yourself.

We then take several high definition photos which you will have access to for future use.



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New Car Detail & Protection with Modesta Coatings

Here at Huntsmiths we look to turn around these defects giving the true shine of a brand new car and offer you a proper protection for your paint. With bespoke packages available, we will find the right level of service that you wish.

We only look to apply the absolute best and market leading protection to your new vehicle. We have tried ceramic coatings from all of the major brands and have found ourselves at home when it comes to performance with Modesta Glass Coatings.

Modesta Coatings are a Certified and Trained only installer network that are not available to the general public.

They are the highest possible standard of coatings when it comes to total surface protection from chemical staining, road tar, UV damage, iron deposits and offer unparalleled swirl and scratch resistance.


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