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Top 5 Car Detailing Products we love and use!

Here is a run through of our Top 10 Car Detailing products – we use these on our clients cars aswell as our own!

Car Detailing products that we use here at Huntsmiths on our own cars and our customers vehicles!

Number 10 – Britemax Easy Cut Metal Polish

We use this for all heavy duty polishing of Metal and brightwork. Its watery properties allows use to get it into tight to reach places and also means it doesnt clog up applicators. Great for Exhausts that have built up carbon on them!

Autoglym Glass Cleaner or “Fast Glass”

A long standing favourite that has always had its place in our arsenal.

Carpro PERL – Trim, Engine Bay and Tyre Dressing

Versatile enough for use everywhere and quite possible the best Tyre dressing when used neat.

Sonax Perfect Finish – Finishing Polish

A very robust product that offers amazing finishing results even on tougher paints. We use this on our Paint Correction services


Bilthamber Surfex HD

A fantastic multi purpose cleaner. Used for tasks such as engine degreasing, Arch cleaning, Tyre cleaning and even interior tasks.