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Porsche Taycan XPEL PPF & New Car Detail

Porsche Taycan XPEL PPF & New Car Detail


Porsche Taycan XPEL PPF & New Car Detail to give this trailblazing electric car the best start in life! XPEL Paint Protection Film and Modesta coatings sit at the very pinnacle of autmotive protective products. There are many reasons for this but none more than the merit of their attributes. XPEL PPF has sat at the top of the list in the industry for years. Modesta also too. By choosing and having only the best installers in the country, they achieve a great reputation by our proxy also.

This Taycan Turbo S came to us in need of a Paint Protection solution. On the fastest 0-60 car in the world currently – it makes sense that it needs protecting from everything its being propelled towards. XPEL offers superior stonechip protection, swirl protection, self healing capabilies, superior gloss and a 10 year warranty to give you guilt free driving.

Prevention over cure – our philosiphy around PPF is aimed at you never having to repair your vehicle. XPEL is the best way to hold on to this and prevent the need to visit the bodyshop for costly repairs. Visiting bodyshops can also bring along a whole host of new problems such as incorrect colour matches, poor workmanship and losing the originality of the paintwork.

On this Taycan Turbo S we installed a full front XPEL Ultimate Plus kit and carried out our new car detail procedure which includes machine polishing the paintwork up to as close to perfect as possible and applying long lasting Modesta coatings to aid maintenance.