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Porsche Taycan PPF New Car Detail

Porsche Taycan PPF

This Dolomite Grey Porsche Taycan Turbo S came to us as a brand new car in need of protection against the elements from its first outing. XPEL Ultimate Plus Paint protection film is the best possible protection for paintwork protecting it completely from stone chips,  scratches and scuffs with its self healing properties and physical barrier between paintwork and the roads.

We absolutely love the spec of this vehicle. Absolutely worth while protecting all of that carbon fibre and stunning Dolomite Grey paintwork. Looks a bit like Robocop doesn’t it?

The Modesta New car detail was carried out before the XPEL PPF was installed. This involves polishing the paintwork thoroughly to allow the paintwork to be in its ultimate condition so it can shine through the film. Along with the XPEL PPF we also coated the vehicle with Modesta BC-04 & BC-05 to further protect the PPF and the rest of the paintwork. These coatings make the entire vehicle easier to maintain and much glossier. The wheels were removed to allow full coverage to the backs of the alloys and also the brake callipers. A car like this deserves nothing less.

Using the DAP and state of the art pattern cutting technology we were able to provide a nearly invisible install on this stunning iteration of the Porsche 911 and increase its gloss for years to come.

This vehicle wearing XPEL Ultimate plus Paint Protection Film to the full front end, side skirts, rear bumper impact areas and the A Pillar apron. It also leaves wearing Modesta BC-04 and ceramic coatings to the wheels and glass giving the ultimate paint protection solutions.

The XPEL PPF has a 10 year warranty against cracking, yellowing and lifting. The Modesta BC-04 coating for the bodywork boasts a 5 year guarantee with superior hydrophobic properties and long lasting gloss.