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Porsche 991 GTS

Porsche 991 GTS Correction and Gyeon Duraflex Coating System


This Porsche 991 GTS came to use to bring back life to the paintwork and to protect it for years to come.


We carried out our Level 2 Detail which most significantly comprises of a 2 stage minor paint correction following a thorough cwashing and decontamination process.
This involves a polishing stage with a cutting compound or polish and then a second polishing with a fine finishing polish. Aiming to remove 60%< correction and defect removal.

The full process includes…

Wheel arches cleaned, degreased and flushed out with PH neutral degreaser,
Wheels cleaned and decontaminated with PH neutral cleaner, Iron Decontamination product, Tar Remover and finally the clay bar
Entire car Snow foamed with PH neutral Snow foam and all edges and door sills brushed clean (degreased if necessary)
Bodywork cleaned with a premium lambswool wash mitt using the 2 bucket method
Tar, Iron and fallout chemically removed from paintwork
Claybar used over entire car to remove all remaining contaminants which give a glass like smooth finish
Dried with compressed air and a plush microfiber drying towel
Multipoint paint and coating inspection to ensure safety of the paint before polishing
Two stage machine polish with a Medium swirl removing polish and fine polishing pad to remove light swirling, fine scratches and take away oxidation, finished with a fine polishing pad and Ultra fine jewelling polish to give a glossy and deep finish.
Final multi-point inspection done to make sure the highest standard is met
Protected with a wax or sealant to give a high gloss and protective coating.
All exterior trims and tyres dressed

Now wearing GYEON DURAFLEX Ceramic Coating with a 5 year warranty. This is a cerfitified only product that allows up to 5 years of fantastic cleaning capability, gloss and scratch resistance.

Bolt ons included on this occasion was our wheels off package with GYEON Rim applied to the wheels, brake and suspension components.
Also – GYEON View, increasing visibility, wiper performance and water repellency to the glass.


Take a look at the results of a 4 day detailing process…