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What is Paint Correction?

What is Paint Correction?!


Paint Correction is the restoration of paintwork to return it to that Brand New look.

When cars come out of the factory, they are shiny, glossy, slick and fabulous to look at (eventhough they still have their defects – we often correct new cars)

Now, why does my car not look like that anymore? During a cars life, depending on its ownership, cars are subject to bad contact.

This can come in many forms such as the road side car washes. These establishments use unsafe techniques, equipment and products which will remove the dirt and grime from your car, but they will do nothing for the finish and prolonged use of these will in time ruin the bodywork.

Bodyshops! Yes, that’s right… Bodyshops. If you are new to your car or you have had some bodywork done, we can almost always guarantee that although they will have repaired a certain area of your car, they will have left behind quite the mess.

Here is some examples of bad contact marks. These come in the variations of Swirls, hollograms, marring, buffertrails and sanding marks. The list goes on, but these are the main offenders.



    When this is the case for the condition of the car, it robs from the true overall finish. The paintwork absorbs the light and refracts it inwards rather than reflecting it outwards and making it shine!

The process of Paint Correction removes these unsightly defects in order to restore the true finish of the paintwork underneath.

This process can take hours and hours as it has to be done safely and precisely using a very wide range of equipment, polishes, compounds and most importantly – knowhow, to reach that end goal.

All paintwork is different and if this process is not carried out correctly it can even further damage the paintwork and even make the finish worse.

The appearance of a car once these defects have been removed and the paintwork refined into a deep, gloss, wet looking finish is almost a night and day difference. Which is what we all want – right?!

Here is a few examples of corrected paint…




We hope this was informative and gave you a good idea of what you expect from a Paint Correction! Please do get in touch with us if we can give you anymore insight or education on the process of a detail with ourselves.

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