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Engine Bay and Wheel Arch Detailing

Detailing the Grubbiest parts!

Detailing Northampton. Often unseen but equally as important. It’s the finer details that make the bigger picture and we feel that these parts of detailing are some of the most important. A great looking engine bay, wheel arches and undercarriage really does make all the difference. Due to the nature of their jobs, they get the hardest punishment on the vehicle. High temperatures and high impact from the road means these areas are often the hardest to keep clean. A well maintained and dressed under carriage or engine bay will keep these areas looking their best even in the harshest environments.

These services are all available as bolt ons to any of our core detailing services.

Enigine Bay Detail

Oil, Grease, Dirt, Coolant, the list goes on. All of these contaminants are at some point in contact with most engine bays and then get baked on with the heat of a running engine. This all contributes to a grubby and otherwise unsatisfying looking engine bay. A clean and well protected engine bay is one of the most satisfying elements of a car. Opening up the bonnet and making that “Ahhh” sound is a lovey moment.

We undetake all manner of engine bay detailing. Using specialist degreasers, chemicals and steam where safe to do so, a good engine bay detail can take anywhere between 2-8 hours to do depending on the lengths needed to go to to produce a pristine engine bay. It is something that can prove tricky with all sorts of sensors, clips, plugs, belts, intakes, and so on. Being sensetive to the mechanics of the car ensuring nothing gets too wet or is exposed to anything that could compromise the inner workings of the vehicle is something we take very seriously. Take a look here at a few photos of engine bays detailed her at Huntsmiths…

Wheels Off Detail

The wheels off detail consists of exactly what it is called. We remove the wheels and detail everything accessible inside of the wheel arch. All suspension components, all brake components including any hoses or lines where safe to do so. Arch liners and plastics are all degreased and decontaminated of Tar and Iron. They are then dressed with an undercarriage dressing to protect them from the nastiness the road has to offer in the form of Salt, Tar and every day grime. While the wheels are removed we also tackle the wheels with a more thorough and comprehensive clean and decontamination using Iron and Tar removal chemicals and finally a clay bar is used to remove any engraned and bonded on damage material. This allows us to apply protection to a completely bare wheel. Usually in the form of a ceramic coating such by the likes of Gtechniq or Gyeon

These Services are all available as bolt on services to any of our Details or Paint Correction Services