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Additional Services

Additional Services

While having your car detailed here at Huntsmiths Detailing there are a range of add ons and extras that are available. Protection upgrades, Ceramic Coatings & additional services are often popular while we are improving the finish and over all condition of your car. Protection upgrades and interior treatments are a worth while addition to your detail to really put the icing on the cake…


Additional services

Interior Deep Clean with shampoo, steam, extraction and (if needed) Leather treatment

Wheels off service – Arches and all visible mechanical parts steam cleaned and degreased, wheels clay barred and protected

Leather Care

Convertible Cleanse and Protect


Tyre fitting, balancing and Wheel allignment

Wheel Refurbishment

Window tinting

Short Term Storage

U.K Wide Collection and Drop off 


All available on a quote basis.

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