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Modesta Coatings

Modesta Glass Coatings

Modesta Glass Coatings have landed at Huntsmiths. We have had the privilige and the experience with working with some of the most popular brands on the market. However, we have been left wanting more. More performance, better shine, longer durability and a higher quality of product. Modesta has been at the pinnacle of the industry for a number of years and we are so proud to now be able to offer these superior products to our clientele new and loyal.

The Range

If you are looking to protect your car from the roads then the very best should be the priority. There are a lot of products available on the market these days that offer you the highest standards but very often fall short. In a market full of “warranty cards” and “9h” “10h” hardness we have here a product that delivers without compromise a higher standard of performance. If you pop in to see us at our studio we would be happy to physically show you the difference between Modesta and other leading brands in the UK and how they have managed to surpass the quality currently available from the alternatives.

Modesta Coatings have created a fantastic and proven reputation in Europe and USA. By keeping the network exclusive and select Modesta have managed to create something that is very special and only available to the best in the world.

The most exclusive coating brand on the planet and have earned this reputation by producing the best products bar none
there are no false promises and marketing techniques, just an honest product that delivers exactly what it says it will..

Modesta is only available to select installers of which we are a very proud member.

Applied with state of the art techniques and equipment these products are not available to the consumer.

These liquid Glass coatings offer the best aesthetics and protection available for your vehicle.


If you are interested in having your car protected with Modesta get in touch with us by filling out the contact form of even better, give us a call and we can discuss options with you.

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