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Lotus Exige XPEL PPF and New Car Detail

Lotus Exige XPEL PPF and New Car Detail

We recently had the pleasure of protecting this stunning brand new Lotus Exige 410 Sport with XPEL Ultimate Plus Paint Protection Film and carrying out our New car detail which covers the car and PPF in Modesta coatings.

These cars are coming along leaps and bounds and are now genuine rivals in performance for monsters like the 911 GT3 RS and such. This means it is absolutely essential to protect that stunning paintwork from the inevitable debris and stone chips that comes with a high performance car. Seeing as this will surely see some track time and a few road trips its best to keep the damage at bay.

We installed XPEL PPF to the Full front end and the carbon fibre engine cover and rear spoiler.

XPEL Ultimate Plus Paint Protection Film comes with a 10 year warranty, scratch and stain resistance and self healing capabilities. This topped with its super high gloss, clarity and superior patterns makes it nearly invisible and enhances the appearance of the car.

Our New Car Detail accompanied this PPF install to ensure that the paintwork was in as good of a condition as possible before install and allows the perfect base for the Modesta coatings to be installed to the PPF and paintwork.