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Looking for a “Cheap Detail?”

Cheap Details. There is always someone cheaper…

Prospective customer: “I know a Detailer/Detailing firm who offers correction and a coating for £250 and it can be done at my home.”
There are a few things that we can say to this. It’s no fault of the customer that this is their view as they most likely haven’t been educated on the differences between services and what a detail is. The other reason is that someone is wilfully ignorant in the attempt to devalue the work in order to try and get a “deal” (this tends to be a small percentage but they do come along).
Before we get into it, it is categorically impossible for 1 person to correct paintwork and coat a vehicle in a day. There will be marks left in the paintwork, marring, micromarring, edges left unpolished, gloss trims not polished, doorshuts untouched, the list goes on. Corners are being cut to do it in a day. And the grade of products or coatings will not be very high. If you are being told that this is possible to do, please carry out due diligence and question what it is exactly that you are having done. To carry out our Enhancement Detail which is predominantly a Single Stage machine polish along with the full cleaning inside and out of the vehicle is a 2 day affair without adding protective coatings.

Our Responses


Are you looking for the best detail or a cheap detail? As the 2 are not mutually exclusive. A Detail is a detailed service, meaning it takes time and then even more time.


There are always cheaper deals. There are always more expensive deals. We like to think that we are fair. 25-30hrs Detailing a 2 door coupe including coatings (circa £100-200 coating cost alone) comes at a cost. 30hrs x £40(ish) per hour – £1200,  not including coatings. 5 hours Detailing and cheaper “coatings” (ask what the product is and question it’s durability and performance) is a lot less work and also a lot less quality or “value for money”


This is not necessary. In the same way a Rolex is not necessary. A Casio will tell you the time but is it “special”? An extensive detail with an experienced and passionate detailer is a luxury. The vehicle will operate and look “OK” to most people. But a Detail sets your vehicle out from the crowd wether it’s a Punto or a Porsche. A cheap detail can have the reverse effect in that it will not compliment the car as much as you would wish…


The word “Detail” can be characterised in whichever way the “professional” deems it so. To us, a Detail is 30+ hours and the highest grade coatings available. To others a Detail is 4 hours cleaning and a hand polish on the drive. Both of which are brilliant services in their own right, but to mistake one for the other is disappointing to the customer as to wade through this minefield is difficult. It can make one or the other invaluable.


Know what you are getting.

The aim of these points is to educate anyone reading this and thinking of having a detail done but are not entirely sure on what it is that’s involved. Even if you don’t use Huntsmiths, there are no hard feelings and we would be happy to advise and inform anyone who isn’t sure. We aren’t sales people, we are offering a bespoke tailored service and only want to do it with enthusiastic and motivated clients.
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