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A chance to detail and apply Kamikaze ISM to one of the best M cars to have graced the planet. A personal favourite of ours.

This stunning example came to us having been detailed by us in the past. This time for a refreshment of its paintwork and coatings.

We treated the BMW 1M to our Enhancement Detail with Wheels off Package

This includes a very thorough clean and decontamination of the entire vehicle. Unlike many others, we remove the wheels and perform an engine bay detail as standard with all of our detailing packages. This to us is a true detail, leaving no stone unturned.

We then perform a very thorough and extensive 1-2 stage machine polish using the best polishes and polishing machines in the industry to achieve and extremely high level of finish even without fully correcting the paintwork, Light swirls are removed, oxidation is removed leaving a deep and dark lustre to the paintwork. Perfect for some high level coatings to be applied.

In this instance, we applied Kamikaze ISM Coat. a 24-36 month coating offering extreme gloss and very high hydrophobic properties.

This keeps the paintwork easy to clean and looking glossier for longer. It also slows down the contamination and build up of nastiness from the roads.

Here she is in hall her glory…