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Honda S2000

Honda S2000 Enhancement Detail with Gtechniq protection upgrades!


This Japanese convertible sports car came in to use having seen a bit of neglect from its previous owner. Heavy swirling and scratching all over the place! First port of call was to complete a full safe wash and decontamination. Once this was done, the vehicle was pulled inside and air dried with the help of an extra plus microfiber towel. Upon inspection, there was alot to tackle. Lots of RDS (random deep scratching) and general swirling and marring. Besides the finish, the actual bodywork and condition of the car was great and plenty of paint to play with to get a much better finish. We went ahead with a full 2 Stage polish using Koch Chemie polishes and Rupes polishers.


This one was finished off with Gtechniq Exo v2 Hybrid coating to the body and Gtechniq G1 Clear Vision on the glass. Highly repellent and a lovely glossy finish.


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