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Ferrari 458

Enhancement Detail and Full Paint Protection Film coverage on a Ferrari 458


At Huntsmiths we have now introduced Paint Protection Film as an option for the ultimate protection from stone chips, scratching and UV damage. Paint Protection film is the only sure fire way of stopping this kind of damage while enjoying your car out on the roads. This 458 needed the ultimate level of protection to make sure there is as much prevention of ever having to visit a bodyshop in the future. Firstly, the task was to prepare the car for its treatments. So this means a full safe wash, decontamination and assessment of the paintwork. Once this is complete, we then move on to the machine polishing stages ensuring there are no heavy scratches, swirls and any other marks to show through the film once it is installed.


Once this is done, the paint protection film is precisely cut via plotter and perfectly designed patterns to fit the exact model of the car. By doing this, it removes the risks involved with cutting the film on the vehicle and also makes sure that there is no need for excessive manipulation of the film or constant adjustments when fitting. It allows edges to be wrapped properly with the only visible lines hardly noticeable.


The wheels were removed to allow full coverage of the ceramic coatings. It also allows us to polish and coat the callipers to protect them. The wheels get the hardest job on the car so they need the ultimate protection from the muck off the roads.


The glass was coated with Modesta EGC – a very long lasting glass coating designed to increase visibility by not allowing the water to impact and sheet causing the need for wipers. EGC lasts for 12-24 months depending on wiper and car usage and is a highly beneficial coating to aid visibility and to keep glass clean.


The paint protection film was topped with a layer of Modesta BC-08 to keep the film clean and make maintenance simple and easy for the owner. This is then cured via Infrared heat.


Take a look through the album of photos to see the multiple steps involved.