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Ferrari 400i Detail

Ferrari 400i Detail – Level 3 Detail and Gyeon Duraflex Coatings


This Ferrari 400i Detail was a tall order. It came to us for a Level 3 detail and Ceramic coatings. It is a new addition to an exisiting clients collection. The car is a 1983 model and is flat black! Flat black is one of the hardest colours to correct.

That being said, having discussed with the owner we decided to go for a Level 3 detail as a Level 2 would not pull enough defects from the paintwork. The level 3 detail allowed us to go a little bit more aggresive with the cutting stages and gave us that opportunity to carry out a 2 stage refinement process to bring the car back up to a high standard.

Once the detail was complete we applied Gyeon Duraflex, a 5 year Certified only Ceramic Coating system to protect it from the nastiness on the roads!

Here are some images from the detailing process…