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Car Care Tips for Winter

Winter can be nasty… Here are some Car Care Tips to get you through it

Here are a few Car Care Tips tips and steps on things you can do to prevent your paintwork and surfaces from becoming damaged by the salt and increased road grime kicked up from the wintery roads…

Protect the paintwork

Giving your car a layer of protection will give you a better barrier between the paintwork and the elements. Salt and water spotting car leave terrible stains on the lacquer of your car which can dull the finish and prematurely age the look of your car. A few of Huntsmiths top picks are as follows… Decontaminating the paintwork first is an essential step to make sure that your protection option adheres to the paintwork properly.

AM Details Clay Bar

This is a Huntsmiths favourite for the detailing of all of our clients vehicles. Its fine enough that it doesn’t cause marring to the paintwork but strong enough to pull off tar deposits and engrained iron. They can also be used with water, rather than expensive clay lubricants or quick detailers.

AM Clay Bar

Collinite Wax

An affordable high grade Carnauba wax that has been a popular choice for detailers both enthusiast and professional for years.

Collinite Super Double Coat Wax

Gyeon Wet/Can Coat

These Si02 based coatings are a good option due to its ease of application and its long lasting hydrophobic properties.

Gyeon Wet Coat

Gyeon Can Coat

Sonax Extreme Brilliant Shine Detail Spray

This is a Detail spray that has Carnauba properties and leaves a layer of protection behind that can last around 6 weeks upwards! Ease of application makes this a great addition to any Wax or sealant.

Sonax Extreme Brilliant Shine

Deep Clean your wheel arches and apply a dressing.

A good thorough degrease of the arches and applying an undercarriage dressing will keep all of your suspension, pipes and nuts and bolts protected from further corrosion and/or staining.

It is always best to remove the wheels to allow access to all of the deeper sections of the wheel arches.

We use Chemical Guys Bare Bones

Apply a Glass Coating!

Glass coatings massively aid visibility in poor weather. Their hydrophobic properties allow the water to bead straight off the glass rather than sheet out – impairing your vision. They aid wiper behaviour and allow cleaning to leave perfectly clean glass every time. No body likes streaky glass!

Our favourite is Gyeon View

Seal your wheels

In our experience the only wheel sealant worth applying is a long lasting ceramic coating. To apply these, it may be easier and more efficient to get your local detailer to do it, however with the correct technique it can be done at home. Make sure the wheels are free from contamination before applying. This will mean cleaning, claying and potentially polishing them (depending on the finish and damage engrained in them.

Our favourite is either Carbon Collective Platinum Wheels or Gyeon Rim

Or, book in with us for a Protection Detail!

We offer all of the above services to our customers as a package or even as individual items where possible.