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BMW M3 Detail


BMW M3 Detail

This Carbon Black M3 came to us for an Enhancement detail and Full coverage of ceramic coatings to the bodywork, wheels and glass.

Our Enhancement Detail is one of our most popular services due to its affordability and great results in improving the finish of your paintwork. The main ingredient of this service is the 1/2 stage machine polish which removes oxidation and light swirling leaving a much deeper and richer finish to the paintwork.

On a black car, this is a very beneficial treatment due to it being so difficult to keep in great condition but also being one of the best finishes when it is properly presented.

Applying the ultimate paint protection coverage also. keeps every surface very well protected from all the nasty stuff on the roads.

The Paintwork received Kamikaze Miyabi and ISM coat. The Wheels received Kamikaze Stance Rim Coat and the Glass was protected with Gtechniq G1.

This particular detail takes 4 days to complete ensuring it is done thoroughly and all of the conditions are perfect before applying the paint protection.

All coatings require time to cure fully in a protected environment to ensure full performance and durability is achieved.