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Audi SQ5

The ultimate family wagon, the Audi SQ5 detail was a Minor Correction Detail, Wheel Refurbishments and Kamikaze Ceramic Coating package which included Miyabi and ISM on the bodywork, Stance Rim Coat on the wheels once refurbished and Intenso Window Coat.

Being black, it is always difficult to keep it in top condition and can also be tricky to maintain. Due top the colour any mark of slight scratch can be seen and also ruin the finish of the paintwork. Having had this car from almost new our client wished to breathe some new life into it and return it to its former glory…

The 20″ wheels were removed from the vehicle and sent off to be refurbished while the vehicle was on the lift here having its paintwork corrected and protected.

We thoroughly enjoy working on black vehicles. They are harder to get right and produce the bigger challenge however they give the best reward and in our opinion the best colour when corrected and protected.

The coatings produce a highly hydrophobic coating and also a hardness that will resist swirls and abrasion when washing. This with a 5 year lifespan means regular maintenance will keep it looking this way for years to come