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Aston Martin V8 Vantage

Aston Martin V8 Vantage – Enhancement Detail


This treat from 1979 came to us for an enhancement detail and prep for sale. Although the paint was in pretty good shape to begin with, it just needed a bit of refining to get it as close to perfect as possible ready to be put in front of potential buyers at auction.

The interior also had a good clean. We are talking leathers (and most of the interior is leather! Even the headliner…), carpets, plastics and glass.

Then comes the engine. The iconic V8 Vantage has had a prolific name for itself since it was made. An absolute pleasure to work on this and a great result.

Anyway, less waffle more pictures!


New lighting in the studio

Having moved into the unit in February, the first port of call was to get it picture perfect ready. So we are talking lots of light and some fresh white paint. With detailing, lighting is very important as it helps find imperfections in paint and interiors (you can never have enough light) and its best to have different kinds of light (different wattage, colour, brightness, source, etc). The first photo will show you how we walked into the unit, and as the pictures go on, you will be able to see the journey it has taken so far!

Shoutout to our electrician (and his assistant) Jack at AJL Electrical contractors –


Mercedes C55 AMG

This Mercedes came to us for an enhancement detail as the owner had just purchased it and felt it needed brightening up.

This included a thorough deep wash using the 2 bucket method. Then, we clay bar it to remove any and all overspray, remaining tar residue, raildust, and any baked on contaminants. Next, once the paintwork is prepped for polishing it is then polished by machine with a jewelling polish. This removes oxidation and some minor defects in the paint to give a clearer and deeper clarity to the colour.

Then, we top it off with a glaze polish and sealant to seal in the new finish, dress all trims and tyres, clean glass in and out, polish exhaust tips and wheels and seal in the wheels to protect from brakedust.



A beautiful BMW 7 series in for a correction detail. This car had done 122k miles and needed a bit of life bringing back to it. Sure you’ll agree it looks good!



Audi Q5

Audi Q5 enhancement detail we did a few weeks back. This was covered in swirl marks and oxidation, all gone now!

Audi S3




It’s time for some M3 time. Extremely rare BMW M3 GT2 in Imola red came in for a full paint correction detail.

Gtecnhiq Exo hybrid applied to the M3. Lots of beads to come, beautiful colour and car!
The Final Result

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