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Essentials Detail – NEW!

Our newest Car Detailing offer here at Huntsmiths Detailing

As part of our Car Detailing Offer we are introducing this service as a permanent fixture here at Huntsmiths Detailing.

Making ceramic paint protection affordable. This new range of Details is focused around long term paint protection at affordable prices. We understand that for some vehicles and people, 5 year ceramic paint protection and 4 day paint correction is not always essential and that a great shine and good protection is more essential to aid maintenance.

With car lease deals these days, people are rotating cars more often and changing between models and so on. This means that investing a large sum of money into 10 year paint protection isn’t financially essential. This level of protection gives you great value in that it offers a long term paint protection option so that when it comes time to hand the car back; the paint is in as close to new condition as it was when you picked it up.

The Huntsmiths Essentials Detail Range is focused on achieving great gloss and 12-24 months of paint protection (upgradeable). This coating offers additional scratch resistance and ease of cleaning so that you can get in and enjoy that new car look for as long as possible.


This Detail starts at £399!


This service offered here at our premises will undergo the exact same prep that we would give any other vehicle undergoing our extensive paint correction. This is because for paint protection to last and to obtain full durability, the surface must be perfectly clean and bare before application. Carrying out the machine polish will also give the paintwork a good dose of gloss.


The following steps are involved in the Essentials Detail


  • Multi-point Safe Wash – All areas degreased, door shuts and sills all cleaned and flushed out.
  • Chemical Decontamination – Iron and Tar chemically decontaminated to remove potential damage material when polishing
  • Mechanical Decontamination – Claybar and Claymitt used to remove any stubborn bonded on contamination to leave bare paint.
  • Single stage machine polish to remove oxidation, improve gloss and improve finish of paintwork in readiness for coatings
  • Feynlab Ceramic Lite applied to the paintwork offering 12-24 months of Paint Protection with high hydrophobic properties and self cleaning abilities
  • Glass cleaned inside and out
  • Tyres and trims dressed.


Additional protection bolt ons are available for Wheels, Glass and interior.