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Ferrari 328 GTS

Ferrari 328 GTS Detail

This stunning Rosso Corsa Red Ferrari 328 GTS came to us for our Minor Correction Detail to correct the paintwork and restore its former glory. Having visited a bodyshop it was time to freshen it up having been in storage for quite a few years.

We carried out our Level 2 Detail which most importantly comprises of a 2 stage minor paint correction.
This involves a pass with a cutting compound or polish and then a pass with a fine finishing polish to create a deep and glossy finish.

With this detail we are Aiming to remove 60-70% of the defects and abrasions on the paintwork.

The full process includes…

Wheel arches cleaned, degreased and flushed out with PH neutral degreaser,
Wheels cleaned and decontaminated with PH neutral cleaner, Iron Decontamination product, Tar Remover and finally the clay bar
Entire car Snow foamed with PH neutral Snow foam and all edges and door sills brushed clean (degreased if necessary)
Bodywork cleaned with a premium lambswool wash mitt using the 2 bucket method
Tar, Iron and fallout chemically removed from paintwork
Claybar used over entire car to remove all remaining contaminants which give a glass like smooth finish
Dried with compressed air and a plush microfiber drying towel
Multipoint paint and coating inspection to ensure safety of the paint before polishing
Two stage machine polish with a Medium swirl removing polish and fine polishing pad to remove light swirling, fine scratches and take away oxidation, finished with a fine polishing pad and Ultra fine jewelling polish to give a glossy and deep finish.
Final multi-point inspection done to make sure the highest standard is met
Protected with a wax or sealant to give a high gloss and protective coating.
All exterior trims and tyres dressed

Now this is completed, we applied a coat of Swissvax shield.

Here are some photos of the end product!

Ceramic Coating or Wax?

It’s a question we get asked alot… Which is better?

Car Detailing, Oxfordshire, Northamptonshire

Well, first of all let us tell you what each are…

A Ceramic, Glass or Nano coating is a hard, durable, inorganic coating applied to the paintwork of a vehicle to create a strong barrier against the elements and everything the skies and roads have to throw at your car.

A Wax be it Polymer or Carnauba is an organic coating created from Natural waxes, mixed with fillers and silicons to give your car some protection from the weather and to give it a really nice shine…

So, lets break this down into the 4 cornerstones of applying protection to an automobile…

Number 1, Durability…

How long does it last? and how do I keep doing its job?

Let’s take Gyeon Duraflex for example. Duraflex comes with a 5 year warranty and is a 2 layer Ceramic Coating. This means that one layer is applied (known as the base coat) and then a second layer is applied (called the top coat). The function of both these layers is to give you a tough durable base layer with a hydrophobic self cleaning top later to make maitnanence easy.

A Wax, for example Swissvax Shield, will give you 6 months durability. You can put as many layers as you want on the car but ultimately it will diminish much faster than a Ceramic coating due to it being an organic based product. A harsh wash or poor maintenance would see it last much less time than 6 months. The longest last wax out there would probably be something like Swissvax Crystal Rock which even still is only rated for 12 months (and costs £900 a pot!)

Repellency, Self cleaning, Hydrophobic properties…

This is the big one. This determines how much of what you drive through is actually going to stick to the car. This is why we protect cars, to stop the build up of contamination bonding to the paintwork and making the car dirty and unsightly.

A Wax will sit on the paintwork at a “contact angle” of around 40-50 degrees.

A Ceramic coating generally sits on the paintwork as a contact angle of 110< degrees (depending on what one you chose)

So, in theory a Ceramic coating actually repels at twice the angle of a regular wax.

Clarity and Gloss

Any form of protection is also the finish touch to any detail to give it that extra mile of shine. Wax or Ceramic coating, it gives the paintwork a bit more depth and shine which is the reason we are all here!

A wax (depending on which one) typically is full of fillers and polymers to artificially make the paintwork shine. It can hide oxidation and swirls to a certain extent in order to make the paintwork appear shinier.

A ceramic coating is optically clear, which means there is no hiding. If the paintwork is not in top condition underneath the coating, it will appear the same under a coating. We would only ever apply a Ceramic Coating to a car that has had its paintwork corrected as not only does this ensure the best possible finish, it actually prepares the surface for the coating itself to bond to the surface of the car.


the idea of protection is to make cleaning it and keeping it in top condition really really easy. Most abrasions and marks come from bad contact which can be from washing techniques or having to scrub the car clean because all the grime has bonded to the paintwork.

Once a car is Waxed or Coated, all you should need is a PH neutral Pure Shampoo to clean the car with. No special fancy Wash and Wax concoctions or heavy duty chemicals, just a good clean with the right methods and chemicals.

A ceramic coated car is far easier to maintain and will not require any reapplication. A waxed car will need the wax reapplying often to make sure that it is always protected.


Just a finishing note on application of both.

A wax can be applied by most people on their drive way relatively easily. It is a product more aimed towards the enthusiast who likes to get stuck in and give their cars a really good clean and protect.

A Ceramic Coating is a much more difficult and thorough process. It can not be applied outdoors. It can not be applied in direct sunlight under ANY circumstances. It can not be applied quickly and easily. Anyone claiming to do so is not applying a hige quality product in the proper environment. At Huntsmiths, application of Gyeon Duraflex takes between 2-5 hours and is done indoors in a controlled well lit studio to ensure the highest standard is met.



Porsche 997

Porsche 997 Enhancement Detail

This Porsche 997 in Midnight Blue came to us for a Minor Paint Correction and Gtechniq protection package.

The packages consisted of C5 wheel armour, G1 Clear Glass and of course ‘CS Black’ for the paint.

The wheels were safely removed to be decontaminated, polished and protected. Along with the wheel arches and underbody being degreased while they were off.

Glass polished with Cerium Oxide and coated in Gtechniqs G1 Glass treatment

Paint received a 2 stage Machine Polish to remove defects such as swirling, some localised scratches and general oxidation.

Anyway, time for some pictures!


Porsche 997

Porsche 997 Enhancement Detail

This beautiful electric blue Porsche 997 convertible came in for an enhancement detail, convertible roof clean and interior treatments which included carpet shampoo and extract, leather cleanse and condition and dash protection.

Interior was left looking and smelling like it had just rolled out of the factory, with freshly cleaned leather using only the best products – Chemical Guys – Leather cleaner and conditioner. This along with carpets and mats having an extensive deep clean via shampoo and hot water extraction left the interior very fresh and crisp.