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Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S Level 2 Detail with Gyeon Coatings

This Tesla Model S came to us for our Level 2 Detail along with Wheels Off Package and Glass Coatings.

The Level 2 detail comprises of the following steps to ensure we achieve the highest standard and finish. Working on this Tesla was a privilige as it was the first one for Huntsmiths. They are a stunning piece of automotive history and this particular one is proof that White really can stand out!

The Detail

Now the car is up to standard, we go ahead and apply the Protection Package…

Protection Time…


Opting for Gyeon Ceramic Quartz MOHS multi layer paint protection. Also on the menu for the Tesla was the Wheels Off package which sees the wheels removed, deep cleaned, decontaminated and coated in GYEON RIM. Glass coated with GYEON VIEW for optimum visibility and clear glass.


Now, here she is during and after her full treatments. We give you, Evie…


Audi RS3 Detail

AUDI RS3 Detail – Level 2 Detail with Gyeon Ceramic Coatings


The Detail!

This Audi RS3 Detail comprises of our Level 2 package teamed up with our “Wheels Off Package” and Total surface protection using Gyeon Ceramic Quartz protection.

The Level 2 Detail comprises of the following steps to ensure the highest standard is met.

Protection time!


Now that the vehicle is up to standard, its now time to lay down some protection to keep it looking its best. Gyeon Duraflex 5 year warranted Ceramic coating applied to the bodywork, Gyeon Rim on the wheels, Gyeon View to the glass and Gyeon Leather shield on those stunning white RS seats.

Here are some photos of the process and finished article. Enjoy!


Ferrari 400i Detail

Ferrari 400i Detail – Level 3 Detail and Gyeon Duraflex Coatings


This Ferrari 400i Detail was a tall order. It came to us for a Level 3 detail and Ceramic coatings. It is a new addition to an exisiting clients collection. The car is a 1983 model and is flat black! Flat black is one of the hardest colours to correct.

That being said, having discussed with the owner we decided to go for a Level 3 detail as a Level 2 would not pull enough defects from the paintwork. The level 3 detail allowed us to go a little bit more aggresive with the cutting stages and gave us that opportunity to carry out a 2 stage refinement process to bring the car back up to a high standard.

Once the detail was complete we applied Gyeon Duraflex, a 5 year Certified only Ceramic Coating system to protect it from the nastiness on the roads!

Here are some images from the detailing process…


Porsche Cayman GT4

Porsche Cayman GT4 – Huntsmiths Detail

Cayman GT4 – Car Detailing, Ceramic Coatings, Northamptonshire

Cayman GT4 Paint Correction and Gyeon Duraflex. Northamptonshire.

This Porsche Cayman GT4 Detail came to us for our signature service. The Huntsmiths Detail.

The Huntsmiths Detail is our top tier package which consists of chasing absolute perfection within a 5-7 day period. This includes carrying out major paint correction, chasing every last defect out of the paintwork while not compromising the clearcoat, engine bay detailing, wheel removal and undercarriage detailing, major interior works including carpets shampooing and leather cleansing.

Once this is done, we then load the vehicle up with the very best in automotive paint protection using the GYEON range of products. For this particular service we used GYEON Duraflex – 5 Year Warranted Paint Protection Service restricted to Certified Detailers only. We also applied GYEON Rim,Trim and View to the exterior of the vehicle. We then coated the interior with Fabric Coat and Leather Shield.


If you are interested in a similar service, please get in touch and ask us for more information!


Here are a few images of the Detail carried out…