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BMW M4 Level 2 Minor Correction Detail with Gtechniq coatings

BMW M4 Paint Correction and Ceramic Coatings. This gorgeous BMW M4 visited us for a Level 2 Detail and Gtechniq coatings. Although it was only 6 months old, the roadside car washes and previous dealer attempts had left the paintwork in a sorry state! The aim of this detail was to restore the paintwork to how it should be and to protect it from happening again!

The Level 2 detail her at Huntsmiths comprises of the following…

All of this was accompanied by optional extras such as Gtechniq Crystal Serum Light & Exo V2 Ceramic Coatings

Take a look…


BMW M3 E92 Competition

We carried out a Level 1 Detail on this stunning Silverstone Blue M3. Our Level 1 detail is aimed to enhance and boost the appearance of the vehicle by removing oxidation and light /minor swirling. Here is the step by step process of the detail…

An add on for this particular detail is the GYEON MOHS Ceramic Quartz Coating. This is an upgrade to the standard protection with a Level 1 detail to ensure that the new finish is locked in for 24 months. It aids in its superior self cleaning ability which reduces grim build up and makes cleaning a much easier task.

Anyway, enough talk, lets take a look at the results…


Audi Quattro

Audi Quattro Level 1 Detail – Gyeon Ceramic Quartz Coatings!

This Audi Quattro UR came to us for a Level 1 Detail and coatings to protect it until it goes in for a full bare metal restoration in 2019. It is a fantastic example in Tornado Red. We especially like the wheels and tyre stickers! And nothing beats that 5 cylinder roar of the 80’s.

The Level 1 Detail here at Huntsmiths consists of the following

  • Wheel arches cleaned, degreased and flushed out with PH neutral degreaser,
  • Wheels cleaned and decontaminated with PH neutral cleaner, Iron Decontamination product, Tar Remover and finally the clay bar
  • Entire car Snow foamed with PH neutral Snow foam and all edges and door sills brushed clean (degreased if necessary)
  • Bodywork cleaned with a premium lambswool wash mitt using the 2 bucket method
  • Tar, Iron and fallout chemically removed from paintwork
  • Claybar used over entire car to remove all remaining contaminants which give a glass like smooth finish
  • Dried with compressed air and a plush microfiber drying towel
  • Multipoint paint and coating inspection to ensure safety of the paint before polishing
  • Single stage machine polish with a Fine polishing pad and finishing polish to reduce oxidation and some very light defects giving a glossy, deep finish

  • Final multi-point inspection done to make sure the highest standard is met
  • Protected with a wax or sealant to give a high gloss and protective coating.
  • All exterior trims and tyres dressed

The coatings applied to this 80’s icon are GYEON MOHS Ceramic Quartz Coating, and GYEON RIM alloy wheel coating

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