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Audi RS4

Audi RS4 Enhancement Detail

An Audi RS4 Enhancement Detail. This Audi RS4 came to us for a Level 1 Enhancement Detail as the owner felt it was time to give her a new lease of life. It was covered in your usual swirling and scratching found on a 70k mile car. After investigating the paint after a full wash and decontamination, we decided the upward facing panels – the boot, roof and bonnet all required a heavy cut as a single stage would have left a fair few marks and scars still in the finish. With black cars, they do suffer from being the more difficult to keep in good condition. However when black is right it looks mega! Definitely one of our favourite colours. Especially Audi black, just a pleasure to work on. We believe this is Black Sapphire. Here is a selection of pictures having finished the car with Swissvax Shield



BMW M3 – Protection Detail.

A 2003 BMW M3 – Protection Detail. This comprises of a full safe wash, decontamination and protection with high grade carnauba waxes – in this case we applied Swissvax Shield offering up to 6 months of protection and shine. This particular M3 came to us for its detail and to have 2 wheels refurbished to rectify a few marks here and there. As part of our services we also offer to organise and manage any aspect of vehicle maintenance while it is with us. The colour “Shadow Chrome” was a tough one to match but in the end the results were fantastic. Take a look for yourself!


Porsche 911 Turbo

Porsche 911 Turbo Enhancement Detail

Journey of a Porsche 911 Turbo – Enhancement Detail. This beautiful Metallic Silver 911 came to us to remove as much of the defects as possible and put the best possible protection on it ready for the winter months. After a full safewash was carried out, the car was then decontaminated with Iron and Fallout remover and Tar Remover. Following this, a clay bar is used to remove all remaining bonded on contaminants. This part is crucial to be completed thoroughly for the polishing stages. If this is not done, effectively the polisher is rubbing contaminants into the paint during polishing which can counter the effect we are aiming to achieve.

After the full wash and decontamination a full single stage machine polish is carried out to remove oxidation and light swirling to the paint while adding depth and gloss back to the finish. This example has only covered 25k miles and had been well looked after.


The customer decided to go for Gtechniq Crystal Serum Light & Exo V2 Hybrid coating. Together, this gives ultimate scratch resistance and extreme repellencey. The Gtechniq Flagship protection system offers 5-7 years worth of protection.

Gtechniq G1 Clearvision is also applied to the Glass to give up to 30,000 miles worth of protection and hydrophobic repellent




BMW M2 New Car Detail

BMW M2 – New Car Detail. This was undertaken 140 miles into its life.

A full wash, decontamination and inspection was undertaken to ascertain what damage or areas would need the most work. Even though its a brand new car, it was still covered in adhesives from the protective films and a small amount of fallout from the manufacturing and transporting process. Luckily, the new owner let the dealership know that it was not to be touched too much by the dealership, no washes and to be very careful during its MPI.

So! The decontamination now completed and inspection showing only one trouble area, we go to work. A full machine polish with a finishing jewelling polish to give it that extra shine was carried out. A stunning colour like this really pops when its right! Then, a full degrease and second inspection to make sure everything is up to standards for Gtechniq Exo V2 to  be applied! The wheels were deep cleaned and prepped to allow C5 Wheel armour to be applied and all extrerior glasswork had a polish carried out to allow G1 ClearVision to be applied. Info on all of these products can be found at Gtechniq or alternatively on our Gtechniq Protection Services page


The best start to this future classics life! These really are special, not the most expensive BMW, nor the fastest. But, a seriously good looking drivers car. Also, check out those beautiful Carbon extras!



If any of these services are of interest to you, or you are expecting a new car, please don’t hesitate in contacting us for some advice or a quote!